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  • Unstoppable

    The Community Autonomous Server (CAS) is a decentralized network service provided by multiple unrelated miners, and no third party can shut down or control the CAS. To ensure the effectiveness and quality of miner services, the system adopts the Proof-of-Service-Time (PoST) mechanism to verify whether miners provide services on time through timestamps and signatures. If a miner fails or violates the rules, the system will automatically select a new service provider from other available miners to ensure the continuity and stability of CAS services. Therefore, CAS services will only be interrupted if all miners serving it fails at the same time. The community can increase or reduce the number of miners according to its needs and preferences, or even participate in the CAS services as a miner instance to carry the CAS. CAS services will not be interrupted unless all miners serving the CAS fail at the same time. When the community needs more reliable services, it can increase the number of miners, or even participate as a miner instance to carry the CAS.

  • Unblockable

    FavorX is a distributed data transmission platform based on blockchain and peer-to-peer technology that provides efficient, secure, reliable, and privacy-protected communication services for FavorDAO members. FavorDAO members connect to the CAS through FavorX’s decentralized communication network, no single third party can prevent or interfere with their access. FavorDAO dAPP is a light node that can automatically find and connect to multiple full nodes in the FavorX network after startup, and then send and receive messages and data through these full nodes. If a full node is disconnected or untrustworthy, the light node will automatically find other full nodes from the network to replace it, thus ensuring the continuity and stability of data transmission.

  • Anonymous

    FavorDAO is a platform that enables users to create and manage decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) on the blockchain. Users can join FavorDAO with their wallet address, which can be generated anonymously. This option simplifies the use of wallets but also poses a risk of identity discovery through email addresses. Users need to be careful about choosing their email addresses to ensure anonymity. FavorDAO aims to provide a more diverse, secure, and private social experience for its users. Members join the community anonymously and engage in a more diverse, secure, and private social experience.

  • Transparency

    FavorDAO uses smart contracts to automatically distribute profits among the DAO, system, and members. For example, a Community Builder can set the profit-sharing ratio between themselves and promoters when a user subscribes. Or they can set a total pool for promotion and different rewards for different types of promoters per promotion. Because of smart contracts, profit distribution is predetermined, irreversible and transparent. This process reduces trust costs and increases transaction efficiency. All profits are distributed openly and transparently among the DAO, system, and members.

  • Cooperative

    FavorDAO is a decentralized DAO community operation tool that allows each DAO to showcase its features and values on the platform, as well as discover and contact other DAOs with common visions or needs. By using a tag system, each DAO can clearly express its goals, strengths, and cooperation intentions, thereby attracting more interested users or DAOs to join or cooperate. FavorDAO also provides a private chat function that allows different DAOs to communicate and negotiate specific content and methods of cooperation. Discover and seek out similar or complementary DAOs, Establish direct connections and collaborations between different DAOs.

  • Extendable

    Through plugins, we can add more features to DAO, such as voting, NFT, e-commerce, task assignment, incentive, etc.

    FavorDAO is a DAO platform that adopts the plugin model. It allows third-party developers to develop specific functions according to the plugin interface. And DAO’s Builder can add these functions to their CAS to achieve CAS function expansion. FavorDAO defines several standard plugin interfaces:

    • Smart contract: customize smart contracts and extend different transaction methods for communities.
    • E-commerce: sell physical or virtual products in communities.
    • Web application: create a channel in the community and display a web application in the channel. This web page can be used for display, off-site transactions, or even 2D or 3D web games.
    • NFT: create and manage NFT collections in communities and let NFTs participate in voting and proposals as governance tokens.
    • Through these plugins, FavorDAO can provide flexible and powerful functions for different types and sizes of communities. And it promotes interaction and value creation among community members.
  • Club Mode

    Some DAO Builders may want to make their DAOs completely private, where only members approved by the admins can join. This can protect the security and independence of the DAOs, as well as enhance cohesion and trust among the community members.

    FavorDAO offers a special mode for this purpose–Club Mode. Once a DAO is set to Club Mode, users need to get approval from the admins before they can follow the DAO and join the community. The admins can filter and manage the applicants according to their criteria. For example, a high school class group may not want students from other classes to enter. Or an investment fund group may only want qualified and interested investors to enter.

    This Club Mode creates a safe, undisturbed, and customized private space for DAO Builders.

  • Integration

    Use FavorDAO to manage your content and communities across multiple apps (like Twitter, and YouTube) or chat platforms (like Telegram, and Discord). You can reach more users and fans by posting and managing your content and communities on different apps or chat platforms. But it can be hard and slow to do it separately on each one. FavorDAO makes it easy for you to sync your content and communities in one place.

    You just need to set up your API-Key for these apps or chat platforms in CAS (for example, get API-Key from Twitter or YouTube). Then when you post something, you can choose “Sync to Twitter”, “Sync to YouTube” or “Sync to Meta”. Your post will go to all the apps or chat platforms you selected.

    This sync feature helps you save time and effort. It also helps you spread your content and communities more widely.

  • AMA

    Use FavorDAO’s built-in decentralized multiplayer voice system to host voice AMAs for your community. Text or voice messages are common ways for managers to interact with community members. They can keep your community active, but they may not be enough to showcase your products or build trust with your audience. A better way is to organize an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session once in a while, where you can talk about your products or answer user questions in real-time. This can boost your community’s engagement and confidence in you and your products. You can choose to do an AMA with voice or video. FavorDAO lets you do voice AMAs easily with its built-in system. Video AMAs will be available soon as plug-ins.