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DAO Builder

Basic Usage

Create CAS

To use FavorDAO, you need to create a CAS on the dAPP first. A CAS is a Content Aggregation System that lets you manage your content and communities across different apps and platforms. To create a CAS, go to “My” and tap on “Create CAS”. Then fill in some details about your DAO, such as its name, description, logo, etc. The system will show you the progress of creating your CAS. When it’s done, you can start posting your content and interacting with your community members on FavorDAO.

Configure CAS

Once you have created a CAS, you have some more options to customize it. For example, if you have a Twitter or YouTube account, you can enter your API Key here. This will allow you to easily share your content on these platforms with just one click whenever you publish something new.

You can also change the name of your DAO here, as well as the labels for your DAO categories and attributes. You can also edit the description of your DAO to make it more appealing and informative.

Additionally, you can pick one of your image NFTs to use as your DAO profile picture. This will help your DAO stand out and attract more followers.

Here is the information on how to configure YouTube API Key.

Here is the information on how to configure Twitter API Key.

Publish Contents

  • Create Newsletter To create content, select "My"--> "+" and then select "Graphic Briefs". If you have already configured the Twitter API Key, you can check the "Synchronize to Twitter" option.
  • Publish Videos
  • To create content, select "My"--> "+" and then select "Video Content". If you have already configured the YouTube API Key, you can check the "Synchronize to YouTube" option. Note that if you synchronize to YouTube, you need to wait for the YouTube synchronization to be completed before closing, otherwise the content uploaded to YouTube will fail.

Socialize in DAO

All users following you in FavorDAO will be pulled into the community automatically, you can communicate with all members in the community and the community manager can also achieve private conversation with members.

  • In DAO information, swipe right to open the group chat window.
  • In the group chat window, swipe left to return to the DAO information window.

Govern DAO

FavorDAO provides a variety of off-chain and on-chain solutions for community management. For example, through the voting plugin, DAO Builder can initiate any issue for all members of the DAO to vote on. The voting can be centralized or decentralized. Decentralized voting uses smart contracts to execute and record the voting process and results on the chain to ensure openness and immutability. At the same time, DAO Builder can also set up some restrictions according to needs, such as token holdings, voting weight, etc.

FavorDAO implements the governance functions of these DAOs through plug-in interfaces and uses customized smart contracts to meet the governance needs of various DAOs.

Advanced Usage

Private Community

DAOs are usually open and users can freely follow any DAO and join its community for socialization. However, you can also create a private DAO that only allows members who have been approved by you to join, which is called the Club Mode. To enable the Club Mode, check the "Club Mode" option when creating the DAO. Please note that if you don't use Club Mode, even if you set all video content to be visible only to paid members, users can automatically enter your chat system as long as they follow your DAO. However, with Club Mode enabled, users must get your permission to follow, and will not be displayed in any search.

Empower your DAO

In the future, DAO organizations will be of various types, and the functions and requirements of DAOs will also be of various types. FavorDAO provides plugins and bots to meet the needs of various DAOs.

  • Plug-ins are those that directly change the presentation of the DAO when used. For example, with the introduction of the e-commerce plug-in, a channel will be added to the DAO display to show the content of the goods.
  • Bots are extensions that provide additional functions to communities in group chats. For example, when a voting bot is introduced, a voting option will be added to group chats.

FavorDAO provides an API for plug-ins, allowing you to freely develop your plug-ins or bots to meet custom requirements. However, when using these plug-ins, please pay attention to their security.

You can view all the plug-ins here, or view all the Bots here.

Verify your brand

FavorDAO is an anonymous system, but for most DAO Builders, real-name authentication may bring more trust if you are a project or brand party. Therefore, you may need real-name authentication.

  1. Mark that you are the brand owner.
  2. Confirm that a certain DAO is your authorized dealer.
  3. Specify that some DAOs are not authorized by you.

FavorDAO provides a way for you to confirm your brand, which is a W3C DID authentication method. You can achieve your DID authentication by visiting "here". Once authenticated, you will be granted the rights above, and you can enjoy the benefits of being a verified DAO.

  1. You can generate and upload an NFT avatar related to your brand logo, which you can then distribute to the DAO's administrators or certified personnel.
  2. When other brands generate NFT avatars, you will need to confirm whether they are too similar to your logo and may confuse you.
  3. You can obtain a dedicated domain name in the Name Service System.

Saling in DAO

DAO is an organization of shared interests, hobbies, or goals, and the introduction of commercialization enables DAO to have the ability to exchange value, which will make DAO more sustainable and attractive. For information on how to implement sales in DAO, please refer here.

Earning with DAO Members

FavorDAO operators will continuously launch various incentive activities, allowing users to enjoy the services and get extra income. At the same time, the various DAOs in FavorDAO will also design more interesting and beneficial activities according to their characteristics and needs, giving users more choices and opportunities. As DAO Builders, we can guide and assist the members of the DAO we belong to actively participate in these activities, and extract a certain proportion of the rewards they receive as promotion fees.

This part of the promotion activities will be conducted through smart contracts and plug-ins, ensuring the benefit of community members and Builders. At the same time, you can create your promotional activities and invite other DAOs to participate. If you want your promotional activities to be showcased on the homepage of FavorDAO, please contact us here.

Be a Committee Member of FavorDAO

To benefit you, your community members, and Builders from promotional activities, we will use smart contracts and plug-ins to implement and manage these activities to ensure fairness and transparency. In addition, you can also create your promotion activities and invite other DAOs to join in to increase interaction and influence. If you wish for your promotional activities to appear on the homepage of FavorDAO to attract more user attention, please click here to contact us.